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The information you provide for this HealthWatch program will not be saved, stored, shared, or used for any purpose whatsoever other than to calculate your personal health profile.

Ohio Distinctive Software HealthWatch Online is designed to help people identify their health risks. It is intended to be a first step toward a more he althful lifestyle. Based on your answers to the online questionaire, ODS HealthWatch Online calculates your theoretical expected lifespan, and it calculates yo ur virtual age, as compared to your chronological age. Program recommendations cover a diverse range of health issues, including weight loss, alcohol consumpti on, smoking cessation, safe driving, exercise programs, controlling high cholesterol, controlling high blood pressure, and more. And although no one and no com puter program can predict how long an individual might live, this program provides an opportunity for anyone to devote some time and thought toward achieving a nd/or maintaining a healthful lifestyle.

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